The only professional dictation headset

with a precision microphone and lossless audio transmission

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed to match the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognition to create documents. The premium decoupled microphone offers crystal-clear recordings, perfect for accurate transcriptions. Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic design, personalized wearing options and hygienic exchangeable cushions make the headset the perfect work companion in both hospitals and offices alike.

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Studio-quality microphone

The professional microphone guarantees accurate speech recognition results and transcriptions, even in noisy environments.

  • Decoupled microphone for crystal-clear recordings
  • Designed for dictation and speech recognition
  • Triple layer noise-reduction filter

Lossless wireless transmission

Move away from your workstation and still record wirelessly in superior quality compared to Bluetooth and DECT.

  • 100% lossless audio transmission
  • 5 meters / 16 feet wireless range
  • Audible notification when moving out of wireless range

Maximum wearing comfort

The modern ergonomic design ensures comfortable working, even after many hours of use.

  • 360 degree rotating boom arm
  • Wearable on the left or right ear
  • Exchangeable, magnetic ear and head cushions

All-day battery life

Benefit from a high-performance battery which lasts the entire work day.

  • Up to 12 hours of recording time
  • 80% charge after 60 min
  • Docking Station for wireless charging

Less interruption, more productivity

Reclaim control over your availability by clearly signifying to colleagues whether you are “available” or “busy”.

  • Automatically turns red when recording or in a call
  • Change your status manually via the Docking Station
  • Flexible click on/off magnetic mounting

Ultimate comfort, maximum hygiene

If you share a device with other authors, you can each have your own personal cushions.

  • Exchangeable, magnetic ear and head cushions
  • Hygienic boom and remote control

Take full control

The ergonomic remote allows you to conveniently control your recording application. The keys are freely configurable and can be personalized for any user and application.

  • Convenient application control
  • Start, pause and stop recording
  • Touch sensor for integrated mouse function

Crystal-clear web calls and online meetings

Communicate comfortably via your favorite VoIP providers in crystal-clear audio quality without any additional installations.

  • Works with Skype for Business and most VoIP apps
  • Accept or reject Skype calls via headset and Docking Station
  • Adjust volume using the scroll wheel on the headset

Your headset comes with

  • SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
  • Docking Station
  • Status Light
  • Remote Control (PSM6500)
  • USB cable
  • Neckband
  • Headband attachment
  • Magnetic ear cushion
  • 2 magnetic head cushions
  • Quick start guide

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Wireless Dictation Headset, Docking Station and Status Light



Wireless Dictation Headset, Docking Station, Status Light and Remote Control


Enter your software serial number

The VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software only works with Philips VoiceTracer Audio Recorders. To download the installation file, enter the serial number, then click Download.

Find your serial number

The serial number can be found on the quick start guide in the product packaging.

Audio recording
Microphone type:
electret condenser microphone
Microphone capsule:
10 mm
Frequency response:
150 – 15 000 Hz
-37 dBV
Signal-to-noise ratio:
> 70 dBA
Speaker type:
built-in round, dynamic speaker
Speaker diameter:
23 mm
Acoustic frequency response:
300 – 7500 Hz
Speaker output power:
> 200 mW
Wireless connectivity
2.4 GHz ISM Band
Operating range:
up to 5 m / 16 ft (in clear view)
Battery type:
Li-polymer built-in battery
Battery capacity:
360 mAh
Battery lifetime:
up to 12 hours of recording
Standby time:
> 100 hours
wireless via docking station or micro USB cable
Charging time (wireless):
80% after 60 min, approx. 2 hours for full charge
Wearing styles:
classic, ear-free, neckband
360 degree adjustable boom arm
Headset wearable on left or right ear
Voip calls with Skype for Business
Voice prompts in 10 languages for easy guidance (pairing, battery status, radius of movement)
Hands-free dictation with Philips Foot Controls ACC2310, ACC2320, ACC2330
Docking station with Kensington lock theft protection
Headset controls:
scroll wheel for recording and volume control
Docking station controls:
accept/reject Skype call, start/stop recording, busy/available
Remote control:
touch sensor with mouse function, record light incitation, freely configurable keys
Status light with flexible, rotating magnetic mounting system
System requirements
Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor, 1 GHz or faster processor
2 GB (32 bit)/4 GB (64 bit)
Hard-disk space:
100 MB for SpeechExec software, 30 MB for SpeechControl software, 4.5 GB for Microsoft .NET Framework
Operating system:
Windows 11, Windows 10 (64 bit), macOS 12/11 (Mac functionality may be limited)
DirectX-compliant graphics card with hardware acceleration recommended
Windows-compatible sound device
Internet Explorer 9 or higher, or the current version of Chrome or Firefox
Free USB port
Internet connection for required software activation
Additional system requirements for speech recognition software
Supported speech recognition software:
Nuance Dragon Professional 13/14/15 Individual/Group, Nuance Dragon Legal 13/14/15, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.x/4.x, Nuance Dragon SDK Client Edition 14, M*Modal Fluency Direct 8.0 and above, M*Modal Fluency for Imaging 3 and above, Fusion Narrate powered by nVoq
Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor, 2.2 GHz or faster processor
4 GB (32 bit)/8 GB (64 bit)
Hard-disk space:
8 GB
Green specifications
Compliant to 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
Lead-free soldered product
CE, FCC, C-Tick (Australia and New Zealand)
Operation conditions
5° – 45° C / 41° – 113° F
10 % – 90 %
Design and finishing
high-class polymers
Product dimensions and weight
Headset (incl. headband and cushions):
155 × 150 × 140 mm / 6.1 × 5.9 × 5.5 in, 81 g / 2.6 oz
Docking station:
120 × 120 × 32 mm / 4.7 × 4.7 × 1.3 in, 395 g / 13.94 oz
Remote control:
157 × 45 × 32 mm / 6.2 × 1.8 × 1.3 in, 78 g / 2.8 oz
Status light:
36 × 36 × 98 mm / 1.4 × 1.4 × 3.9 in, 58 g / 2.1 oz
Magnetic ear cushion:
50 mm / 2 in
Magnetic head cushions:
48 × 12 mm / 1.9 × 0.5 in
Package contents
SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
Docking Station
Status Light
Remote Control (PSM6500)
USB cable
Headband attachment
Magnetic ear cushion
2 magnetic head cushions
Quick start guide
Available accessories
AirBridge Wireless Adapter ACC4100
SpeechOne Headset Cushions (5 ×) ACC6005

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